Coulter: Cut Off All Immigration

“There’s a law on the books that says if a country will not take a criminal back, the attorney general shall, not may, shall deny visas, any visas coming from that country.  That is on the books right now. Has it been enforced by Republicans or Democrats? No, it has not.”

“There’s a law on the books right now that says an immigrant who has been convicted of a crime in America who does not cooperate in being sent home, that itself is a crime — not signing the papers, not showing up when you’re supposed to — that itself is a crime punishable by 4 years in prison.  That’s never enforced. It’s just not enforced. Three times Congress has voted to build a fence and it never gets built.”

“The entire thing has to be shut down. No more immigration for 10 years. We get our books in order. We assimilate the ones already here. Build a fence. Repeal anchor babies and then we start up with the pre-1970 immigration policies…”